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3rd February 2005

stake_n_skank9:46pm: Okay guys, this is my last post as Mod and in this game. It's been fun. Lizzy (_buffy) will be your new Mod! Good luck to you guys.

Goodbye all,
stake_n_skank12:10pm: Okay guys... I'm having some personal issues that are causing me to want to leave this community. I hate to do that to you guys because someone will need to take over the position of Mod, and you will be without a Faith and a Giles. If anyone wants to take over for me as Mod leave me a comment, otherwise I will just shut the community down. Sorry guys.


29th January 2005

______spike____6:10am: A plot idea
What if Spike reveals information about a vampire nest in the area. The vampire nest could be located in a newly remodeled Sunset Club(Billy Fordham's old hangout). The reason Spike would be giving up the information, would be in exchange for information on his condition. I think a good hunt could help in bonding the characters together.The characters could split up into groups of two or three,or they could all go together. Also, It could be what some characters need to vent some frustration.

25th January 2005

stake_n_skank4:02pm: Hey,

Our Buffy and Anya are seeming to be a little MIA. Seeing as a bunch of characters are heading back to Giles' to do the truth spell... Can you try to post more?


19th January 2005

goodhumourman6:57pm: Hi Everyone,
Sorry to have not updated in so long.
I want/need to set up some sort of time frame to my postings. I'm new and not used to the flow of this style game. Would it be helpful if I alway posted at the same time or in the same way? Also what can I do to help move the adventure a long
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18th January 2005

stake_n_skank5:30pm: Okay guys, I know that we were without livejournal for a bit... but I haven't seen any actual posts from some people in like, ever! So come on, post some. Have character interactions!


8th January 2005

______spike____9:31am: I had Spike leave the flat to get some air. He seen all the scoobies arrive and decided it was best if he left.
I was thinking that spike could be on his way back to his crypt, grumbling about the scoobies ignoring him. When he arrives there, he see's Faith in the same cemetary hanging out.

It is a little too coincidental, but stuff like that happens on the show from time to time. What does everyone think?

P.S. the (ooc to willow)----> was Spike reacting to the affection between her and Tara. I don't know if you seen it or not, but yeah she would probably have ignored Spike anyway.

7th January 2005

so_the_net_girl9:28pm: Question for Tara
Tara (or anyone with thoughts on the matter)--
If I remember my s4 canon, didn't Willow and Tara recently try a floaty rose spell that went awry? How likely is it that W&T would execute the spell of location successfully?
cardboardcowboy12:41pm: For the MOD
((ooc)) Okay, I guess Riley is going over to the hospital. What information do you want him to come back with? Anything special about her coma or something the doctors tell him about Faith?

5th January 2005

goodhumourman6:36pm: Sidebar for Anya
I'm playing Xander and I'm interested in how you view him and his relationship with Anyanka? I have some ideas but I'd like to know what you want to do. Are they crazy messed up kids, a one true pairing or a self destructing tragedy that ruins their lives and the happiness of those around them ( Joss Whedon's view )? I feel that part of what is wrong with Xander is that he took the easy way out too often. While I feel he has the potential to be a hero, ( a potential I would like to explore in this game )he wimped out with Anya never telling her his feelings or really committing to her. I feel Anya in the show was too removed from her human roots. While Angle goes to Hell for 100 yrs he is still able to co fit in to human society. Anya became a demon but she still was part of the human world. Why was she portrayed as so alien to every thing which she really should have understood.
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4th January 2005

goodhumourman7:38pm: Hi everyone I will be playing Xander. I have a lot of experience with classic role playing games ( D & D, Traveler, Runequest, Boot Hill ). I am a fan of the Buffy show but always felt that Xander was under developed and eventually became a bad joke. If there is anything I have missed in either this in my opening post please send in the continuity police because I am working from memory.
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3rd January 2005

______spike____7:03pm: I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my first time doing this(online gaming). I'm a veteran table top gamer and am looking forward to role playing here.I don't want to ruin the game for anyone.So, if I'm doing anything wrong, just let me know and I'll be happy to correct it :).

P.S. I was refered here by a friend on my LJ friends list.Thankyou Dawnie for this experience.This is alistarnash.

P.P.S. I have a lot of free time at work right now, so i decided to work my RP chop's in my characters journal. If anyone want's to check it out feel free...let me know what you think.
stake_n_skank4:23pm: A formal welcome to:

It's now possible to have a bonified Scooby meeting! :)

2nd January 2005

______spike____3:55pm: I want to post what Spike is doing while all of this is going on. Is that cool?
_buffy1:31pm: I was thinking...that since we dont have a Giles yet..that maybe when we get to his house he wont be there so we head over to the dorms to find Willow and on the way we run into Spike. That ok?...i can bring in Anya whenever too...maybe she could meet up with Willow and Tara at the coffee place. Just a thought*
______spike____1:38pm: *leap's off a rooftop* *with his trenchcoat flaring behind him,he strut's forward* *cocking an eyebrow and taking a long drag off his cigerette* Right then..I'm ready for a good toss.

1st January 2005


Hey..I was thinking that since we needed a few more characters, I could double up and play Anya.  Also, so we can really get going...maybe we could ask the Giles and Xander over at switching_roles if they would like to join this community.</span>

31st December 2004


Hey! I decided to change my user name from lizpin to _buffy .  Yeah, I know, not a big difference...but I needed a seperate journal for my RPG-ing stuff...So if you've friended me...please change the link to _buffy*...also could it be changed on the user info for the com?..not the credit for the banner though.  </span>

stake_n_skank12:08pm: Okay, I figured Buffy would most likely be at Giles' if she's not at UC Sunnydale, but Faith wouldn't know to check the college. Now since we don't have a Giles yet... I'm thinking maybe I should run into someone like Buffy or Willow heading to Giles' place too?

29th December 2004

stake_n_skank11:41pm: Okay, I really wanna get this place moving so I'm gunna "have a little faith" that we'll get more members soon and say we should go ahead and start. Like the info says, I want this to be more about characterization than fighting the big bads, so I figure the way this'll start is Faith waking up and heading off to find Buffy... and then wackiness will ensue, I'm sure, since Faith doesn't remember being evil!

Your Mod
stake_n_skank11:17am: A wonderful welcome to our new Willow: so_the_net_girl! Hope you have fun.

And thank you to those of you who are pimping the community. I really wanted to get a Giles and a Xander before we started (hoping that we'd soon get a Spike and Anya) but I'm really wanting to start. What do you guys think? Oh you know we could also get a Joyce if we wanted. Let me know what you think about starting without a full cast.

aka the Mod
aka Faith

27th December 2004

stake_n_skank1:07am: Anyone got any ideas about how to get more members? I've already pimped the community in all the places I can! I'd really like to get this going.

We still need:

24th December 2004

imbathedinlight1:19am: Hi, *shy wave* from Tara
Hello. My name is Tara. I hope Willow comes by soon. I feel more comfortable when she is around. *smiles and looks down at shoes* I'm sss-sure this will be a lot of fun.
cardboardcowboy1:14am: Hi! From Riley
Ready to fight the good fight with you ma'am, soon as you say the word. Good mannered boys from Iowa always let a lady go first.

23rd December 2004

stake_n_skank11:51pm: I'd like to welcome all our new characters:

Buffy - lizpin
Riley - cardboardcowboy
Tara - imbathedinlight

We almost had a Willow, but she backed out. We had like three people wanting to be Buffy! I was ready to run and hide. It was crazy.

Hope you all have fun. :)

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